Handy Candy – Carrie K rethinks arm candy.

It’s a candy bar, without any edible goodies. The delectable-looking nuggets at Carrie K’s new Bling Bar are charms designed for building the perfect arm candy.

Choose an open cuff bracelet in silver, yellow gold, or rose gold-plated, and load it up with your charms of choice. There are symbolic ones, featuring wishbones, horseshoes, and heart shapes, ones in text forms spelling out words like “love”, or “luck”, and charm pennies – circular charms available in three sizes and come plain, embellished with rhinestones, or decorated with single letters. The plain pennies can be customised with a complimentary engraving of up to five words.

Charm bracelets may be nothing new, but the Singaporean indie jeweller has added a little ingenuity to the mechanism that makes all the difference – little beads with silicon-coated drill holes. The silicon grips the bracelet and keeps the beads in place. The beads, in turn, act as separators to keep the charms in place. Locking everything in is the signature screw-on closure at the end of the cuff. Dare I say, it simply works like a charm.


Opening image: The quirky display of Carrie K’s Bling Bar collection brings back childhood memories of scouring candy bars for the perfect mixed bag of treats; Above: Carrie K Bling Bar bracelet in silver with an assortment of charms.

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