Blog profile1.jpgMy eyes light up when I see jewellery. My wallet would like to believe it’s all science – that it’s simply the sparkle of the gems reflecting off them. But I know better. I know it’s love. The way my heart skips a beat every time my eyes light up is all the confirmation I need.

I have been a magazine journalist for eight years, and found my specialisation as a jewellery writer and editor in the latter four of those years. I knew I was hooked during my first major trade fair (Baselworld 2013), when I acted like a kid in a (very expensive) candy store; I wanted to keep making rounds of the booths long after my compatriots begged to stop. The adage “do more of what you love” sounds like really good advice; this site is simply my attempt at heeding that advice.

While the digital medium allows my content to be global and largely unbound to specific geographical regions, I divide my time between Singapore and Stockholm. Expect a slight bias, especially in the News section, towards relevancy to these two cities or the regions they are in (Southeast Asia and Northern Europe).

View more of my work on my online portfolio.


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