Hidden Messages – Five ways to say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day.

Heart shapes on Valentine’s Day is such a cliché; subtlety is more tasteful. Here are five gem-studded creations that say “I love you” with all the class and none of the crass(ness).

Committee of the Committed

The pair of parrots on Boucheron’s Nuri pendant sends a subliminal message: these birds mate for life and some believe that the bird left behind may even die of grief after its partner’s passing. How’s this for a gift that promises everlasting love?

Opening image and image above: Boucheron Nuri ring and pendant, both in 18-carat pink gold set with tsavorites, pink, yellow, and orange sapphires, and diamonds.

Straight to the Heart

Those warm, fuzzy feelings are a sign that you’ve been struck by Cupid’s arrow. Paloma Picasso’s Graffiti collection for Tiffany & Co makes those feelings clear to the object of your affections.

Tiffany & Co Paloma Picasso Graffiti Arrow pendant in 18-carat rose gold with diamonds.

Rose Tinted

In Chaumet’s Jeux de Liens collection, the crossed ribbon motif symbolises the unbreakable bond between two people. This bracelet features pink opal, a stone believed to promote peace, tranquility and harmony – the perfect recipe for a long-lasting relationship.

Chaumet Jeux de Liens bracelet in 18-carat pink gold with pink opal and a diamond.

Hearts on Fire

A circle has no end. If this sounds like your relationship, say it with this pendant from Lazare’s Valentine collection featuring a circle of eight hearts, each set with a diamond. In Singapore, Lazare is exclusively distributed by Larry Jewelry.

Lazare Valentine pendant in 18-carat gold with diamonds.

Seeds of Love

Most Singaporeans of a – shall we say – certain age will remember picking saga seeds as children. These seeds are also known as xiang si dou (相思豆) in Mandarin, which literally translates to mean longing beans. Bring back memories of young, innocent love with the Love Story collection by Singaporean jeweller Risis, which stars these glossy red seeds.

Risis Love Story earrings in rhodium-plated 925 silver with red-enameled saga seeds.

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